If the three and half second explosion of Keith Moon’s drum kit on the Smothers Brothers could be expanded into a band, that band would be the Schitzophonics.  Somewhere between vintage, punk and “holy shit, goddamn rock and mother fucking roll”, they thrash any stage with their insane performances.  While Tom Lord (bass) and Lety Beers (drums) are solid as fuck, your eyes can’t help but focus on frontman and guitar player Pat Beers. 

Oh, Spirit

Oh, Spirit is currently etching itself into the San Diego scene and has their first headlining show at the Soda Bar this Saturday, April 5th with Diatribes and Michael Mcgraw and the Butchers for just five buckaroos! Ryan Combs (Guitar/Vocals) was good enough to complete our Artist Playlist! 

The Great American Band: Deer Tick


They don’t appear to be particularly cool.  They aren’t suave or stylish.  They don’t even seem particularly anything.  What they are is a band on the path to preserving and thrusting forward the culture of American music. They are Deer Tick.  Stitching together the patchwork of the past, blues, gospel, rock, country-western, folk, to create a vital and pungent rock band that grabs your junk and stokes the soul.