The Menu – April

April 1 – Riverside – No-Dough X Show w/ The Aquabats and Many More! 

April 2 – Los Angeles – Lemon Sun at the Satellite

April 2 – Los Angeles –  Some Wizards at The Echo

April 5 – San Diego - The Howls & Low Volts at El Dorado

April 6 – Los Angeles – Transfer & The Nervous Wreckords at the Viper Room

April 7 – San Diego – Transfer at the Belly Up

April 7 – Hermosa Beach – Sweet and Tender Hooligans at Saint Rocke

April 8 – San Diego – Bowerbirds at the Casbah

April 9 – Los Angeles – Garbage at the El Rey

April 10 – Los Angeles – Neon Trees at the Troubadour

April 11 – Pomona – Arctic Monkeys at The Glass House

April 12 – Los Angeles –  James at the El Rey

April 16 – Pomona –  The Hives at The Glass House

April 17 – Los Angeles – Grouplove at the Observatory OC

April 17 – Los Angeles –  Neon Indian at the Echoplex

April 18 – Los Angeles –  Justice at Club Nokia

April 19 – Pomona – Pulp at the Fox Theater

April 20 – San Diego – Guitar Wolf  at the Casbah

April 25 – Riverside – Undercover Monsters at the Mission Tobacco Lounge

April 25 – San Diego – Shiva Trash & The Last Years at the Tin Can Alehouse

April 26 –Los Angeles –  Bruce Springsteen at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena

April 27 – San Diego – Monsters from Mars at The Tin Can Alehouse

April 28 – San Diego – Dead Feather Moon at The Belly Up

April 28 – San Diego – Little Hurricane at the Casbah

April 28 – Los Angeles –  Cypress Hill / Ice Cube at the  Gibson Amphitheater

The Menu – April

1st- San Diego – The Weeks, Low Volts – The Griffin

2nd- San Diego – Floor Notes – The Void 

4th-San Diego – The TonTons – The Griffin SD 

4th – San Diego – Shake Before Us, North Beach (Formerly The Short Eyes) – Bar Pink

4th – Los Angeles – No – Troubadour

5th – San Diego – Blackout Party – Casbah 

5th – San Diego – Kopecky Family Band – Soda Bar

6th – San Diego – The Creepy Creeps – Bar Pink

9th – San Diego – Angel Olsen – Casbah

9th – San Diego – Dirty Sirens – The Griffin

11th – Los Angeles – Savages – The Echo

12th – San Diego – OSAB Presents Mister Loveless, The Dead Ships, The Steelwells, The Stupid Daikini – The Griffin SD 

13th – San Diego – Mudhoney – Casbah 

15th – Los Angeles – OMD and Diamond Rings – The Fonda Theater

16th – San Diego – Alt-J – Casbah

16th – San Diego – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Balboa Theater

16th – Los Angeles – Franz Ferdinand and Palma Violets – The Fonda Theater

16th – Los Angeles – Smith Westerns – The Echo

16th – San Diego – Dirty Sirens, Mrs. Henry – The Griffin

17th – Los Angeles – Palma Violets – The Echo

17th – Los Angeles – Lou Reed – Orpheum Theater

19th – San Diego – The Styletones – Bar Pink

20th – San Diego – The Creepy Creeps, Low Volts, The New Kinetics – Casbah

20th – San Diego – Beach Fossils, Mrs. Magician – Irenic

21st -

22nd – San Diego – The Gaslight Anthem – Belly Up 

22nd – San Diego – Mrs. Henry – Casbah

23rd – San Diego – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – House of Blues

24th – San Diego – Chappo – Soda Bar

24th – San Diego – Bleeding Rainbows – Casbah

26th – San Diego – The Howls – Casbah

26th – San Diego – Transfer, Dead Feather Moon, Grand Tarantula – Belly Up

27th – San Diego – Telekinesis – Casbah

27th – San Diego -Drowning Men, Wild Wild Wets – Soda Bar


If the three and half second explosion of Keith Moon’s drum kit on the Smothers Brothers could be expanded into a band, that band would be the Schitzophonics.  Somewhere between vintage, punk and “holy shit, goddamn rock and mother fucking roll”, they thrash any stage with their insane performances.  While Tom Lord (bass) and Lety Beers (drums) are solid as fuck, your eyes can’t help but focus on frontman and guitar player Pat Beers. 

The first time I watched the Schitzophonics I was sure I was missing something, where was the second guitar player? This guy is barely holding onto his guitar let alone playing it to get this wall of guitar sound.  Sure enough, something about the magic that is Pat Beers allows him to play a guitar that’s constantly trying to escape his grip. 

I feel like the only way to properly explain what the Schitzophonics are is to take whomever you are trying to explain it to and put them in front of a stage the Schitzophonics are about to play.  

Drown Me In Drowners

The sweet romantic notion that underscores all of all our inner most desires is a soundtrack filled with Drowners.  The touches of melodic 80’s brit pop punk mixed with that unstoppable dance rhythm that bake into an album full of unshakeable songs.  Drowners makes songs that paint images of skinny boys in impossibly tight pants chasing charismatic girls that would be the subjects of great art.  Cleverly dancing along the lines of heartbreak and romance, there is something melancholy and lovely about the droney way Matthew Hitt, sings over the high energy guitar and drums. Giving a compelling live performance only breathes more life into the already pulsating record.  

The Menu – May

1st- San Diego – Dan Padilla – Tower Bar 

2nd- San Diego – Tokyo Police Club – Belly Up

5th- San Diego – Mariachi El Bronx – Belly Up

8th- San Diego – Midnight Pine – Tin Can 

9th- San Diego – Shake Before Us, Schizophonics, Badabing – Tower Bar 

10th- San Diego – The Paragraphs – Belly Up 

12th- San Diego – Amerikan Bear – Tower Bar 

15th- San Diego – Trouble in the Wind, Red Yellow Sparks – Belly Up

15th – San Diego – Neighbors to the North – Bar Pink 

16th- San Diego – Deadly Birds – Tin Can 

17th-San Diego – Ugly Boogie – Soda Bar

18th- San Diego – American Sharks – Porter’s Pub

22nd- San Diego – The Blank Tapes – Soda Bar

23rd- San Diego – Northern Tigers – WhistleStop 

26th- San Diego – The Whiskey Circle – Soda Bar 

28th- San Diego – Ditches – Soda Bar

28th- San Diego – The nFormals – Tin Can 

29th- San Diego – Black Fag – Soda Bar

30th- San Diego – GrandpaDrew – Tin Can 

31st- San Diego – Widows – Casbah

The Menu – April

1st- San Diego – Mrs. Henry – Winstons 

2nd- San Diego – ODESZA – Casbah

2nd – San Diego – Schitzophonics – Soda Bar

2nd- San Diego – Deadly Birds, Shake Before Us, Gone Baby Gone – U-31  

4th- Riverside- City Mouse, The Stupid Daikini – Morgan’s Tavern 

4th – Riverside – The Maxies – Mission Tobacco Lounge 

4th- San Diego – The Creepy Creeps – Casbah

5th- San Diego – Black Lips – Belly Up 

5th- San Diego – The New Kinetics, Schitzophonics, The nFormals – Casbah

5th- San Diego – Oh, Spirit – Soda Bar 

5th- San Diego – The Cardielles – Tower Bar

5th- San Diego – Ugly Boogie – Electric Ladyland

8th- San Diego – Grand Tarantula – Soda Bar 

9th- San Diego – Gone Baby Gone – Casbah 

10th- San Diego – Mrs. Henry – Tin Can 

11th- San Diego – Neighbors to the North, The Paragraphs – Casbah 

12th- San Diego – Schitzophonics – Casbah

12th- San Diego – Northern Tigers – Tower Bar

14th- San Diego- Octogrape, The Cardielles 

15th- San Diego – Mogwai – Belly Up 

15th – San Diego – Peelander-Z – Soda Bar

16th- San Diego – Temples, Drowners – Casbah 

17th- Riverside – Teenage Exorcists, The Stupid Daikini – Mission Tobacco Lounge 

19th- Riverside – City Mouse, The Dudikoffs, Danger Inc – Morgan’s Tavern 

22nd- San Diego – Amerikan Bear – Soda Bar 

23rd- San Diego – Jeff Bridges and The Abiders – Belly Up 

24th- San Diego – The nFormals – Soda Bar 

25th- San Diego – Shiva Trash – Soda Bar 

25th – San Diego – Grand Tarantula, The Atom Age – The Whistle Stop

25th- San Diego – Transfer, Dead Feather Moon, Schitzophonics, Low Volts, The Creepy Creeps – Birch North Park Theater 

Oh, Spirit

Oh, Spirit is currently etching itself into the San Diego scene and has their first headlining show at the Soda Bar this Saturday, April 5th with Diatribes and Michael Mcgraw and the Butchers for just five buckaroos! Ryan Combs (Guitar/Vocals) was good enough to complete our Artist Playlist! 

A Song That Made You Want to Play Music:

Bob Dylan “Buckets of Rain” 

Blood on the Tracks was just one of many albums I really got into during my early 20’s. I was already playing guitar when I started listening to Bob Dylan so I kinda cheated on this one, but I have to say that he is the reason I’m still writing songs today.

A Song That You Love Listening to in the Car:

A Song That You Just Can’t Help Sharing: 

Electric Light Orchestra “Mr. Blue Sky”

Great song! ELO was one of those bands that stayed off my radar for way too long. So now I feel the need to share their tunes with everyone.

The Menu – March

1st- Angel Olsen – Soda Bar

1st- Dead Feather Moon – The Griffin

1st- The Frights – Che Cafe

4th- The Kabbs – Soda Bar

5th- PAPA – Casbah

6th- Warm Soda – The Hideout

7th- The Donkeys – Soda Bar

7th- Semi Precious Weapons – The Griffin 

8th- Amerikan Bear – Soda Bar

14th- Shake Before Us – The Whistle Stop 

16th- GrandpaDrew’s Flim Flam Review, Matt Molarius – Casbah

19th- St. Vincent – House of Blues

19th – Creature and the Woods – Tin Can 

20th- Taken by Canadians – Soda Bar

21st- The Orwells – Che Cafe

22nd- Schitzophonics – Casbah

23rd- Rhys Darby (The Flight of the Conchords) – Belly Up

23rd – Wild Wild Wets, The Cardielles – U-31

28th- Transfer – Casbah

29th- Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – Casbah

29th – The Whiskey Circle – Tin Can 

Oh, Goddamn: Oh, Spirit.

Maybe you’ve heard the name around town, but you haven’t gotten a chance to see the band yet.  Well the buck stops here, get your fine ass to a show already, because I assure you once you see them, they will absolutely be your new favorite band in San Diego.  They are a swaying, melodic experience dense with beauty and movement.  Oh, Spirit is the best band you haven’t heard yet.  Their recent show at the Soda Bar confirmed what I already knew; I am completely in love with this band.  They are fantastic live and have barely released one recorded track, but I look forward to their inevitable rise here in San Diego. 

Angel Olsen at the Soda Bar March 1st

Angel Olsen has been echoing in my mind since the release of “Half Way Home” where her country western steeped vocals were completely hypnotizing.  Her next release, ‘For No Witness”, seems to take the next forward applying her unique and enticing voice to a broader style of rock n’ roll while maintaining that sexy 1960’s undertone.  Her show at the Soda Bar March 1st is already gaining buzz around town and the tickets are going quickly.  The alluring songstress is casting a spell over the scene with romantic intonations in old school pop songs.